The Simple Secret Part Of Chopsticks That You Didn’t Know Existed

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We have all used chopsticks, or in my case, attempted to use chopsticks. They can be tricky to use but they also hold a tricky little secret. 

Chopsticks have a tiny little feature to them that many don’t know about. I had zero clue about this nifty little feature! 

When you receive a pair of chopsticks, you unwrap them and then break them apart immediately right? Well, wrong! There is a tiny wooden tab at the top of the chopsticks that holds the two sticks together. That tab serves a unique purpose!


That little wooden tab needs to be separated from the chopsticks and then it acts as a chopstick holder! What? Yeah! Mind blown! 

One Twitter user decided to put this little tidbit of information out to the world and we thank them for that! 

Now you can impress your friends the next time you are out eating sushi or Chinese food! 

Chopsticks holder for the fancy!