Don’t Know How To Whistle? Then This Is For You!

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Whistling is like singing, it’s good for the brain!  Casual whistling, hearing a specific tune can bring happiness to your heart and soul, just like music.  

Another form of whistling is one of short load bursts, such as catching someones attention or commanding certain breeds of dogs. 

 I remember watching the “Andy Griffith Show” as a kid and being in awe at all the awesome whistling throughout the show.  Since then I’ve always related whistling with happiness.  

I enjoy hiking the Maine woods and letting out some loud whistles to keep the bears away, I just wish it worked for ticks! 

Don’t know how to whistle? Well lucky for you we put together a few videos where folks will show you just how you can start blowing your way to happiness!  Practice will make perfect, remember that!

Here is the famous Andy Griffith Whistle!


Here are a few different command whistles!


The most basic whistle!


…and this is just strange but funny!



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