How To Win At Table Football

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When was the last time you played table football? Was it a long time ago on some half-chewed up old table in the back of some dingy bar somewhere?

Table football and arcade games are making a bit of a comeback, especially as more and more offices are looking to get games such as table football, ping pong, and pool into the offices to encourage teamwork, relaxation and for staff to build a better rapport.

There are some companies, like, who are committed to making really attractive table football and arcade games with a retro twist too, fitting into every office decor option.

If your office or social space has invested in a table football table and you want to up your game, here are six tips to ensure that you will always be top of the leaderboard and you will be popular on any team!

No Rod Spinning

The most important thing you will learn when you play table football regularly is that spinning the rods not only isn’t allowed, but it also damages the table.

Rod spinning can cause the rods to bend and warp, but more importantly than that it’s also not a very good strategy as you have less control over your players, meaning you have less chance to win!

Watch The Other Players

Just as in a standard game of football, you need to keep an eye on the other players, but this means not only the human players you are playing with but their table football players too!

Look at where your human opponents’ hands are going and watch their eyes for clues about their next move. As for your non-human components, look for gaps between the players to get in there and make the play.

Stay Relaxed

Tensing up in any sport won’t help you win, and it’s no different in table football either. Keep your body relaxed and in control will allow you to dart between rods much faster and your response time will be shortened too.

Learn To Shoot

This may seem like a fairly obvious tip, but it’s better to really nail down one type of shot and get good at it than it is to try to be the best at every type of shot you can do on the table.

Aim to be a master of one thing rather than knowledgeable at many things!

Defense and Goalie Together

Your goalie rod and your first line of defense rod should always be played together, this will mean you have a greater chance of covering all of the angles.

Get used to playing both rods with each other and moving them in sync to improve your chances of defending your goal. You can also learn to shoot from the defensive position too, for added chances of scoring!

Have Fun

There is no point in playing any game unless you are playing to have fun. Play to win but be a good sport and enjoy spending time with the other players. Smile and shake hands afterward, no matter who won.