How Voip Systems Can Improve Small Businesses In Canada

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Having to join the business industry, you must already know the highly advanced telephone service system called VoIP. If you don’t know this yet, then you should probably get rid of your traditional telephone system and continue reading this article.

The VoIP system’s main idea is to transfer all the telephone lines from standard wirings to the internet, which means that the VoIP system uses the internet to allow the company to communicate with each other, instead of the numerous wirings all around the office.

The VoIP system is available online through websites such as that offer the VoIP system to small or big businesses.

From that summary, I know that you already have a glimpse of how this newly advanced telephone system can help your small business in Canada, am I right? Well, don’t worry if you still have no clue, I will help you with that. Here are some ways on how the VoIP system can help your small businesses in Canada.


1. Cheaper than the traditional telephone system

If your business is still growing, you need to do everything that you can to save money. One way of doing so is to install the new VoIP telephone system. You can save a considerable amount of money on the new VoIP system than the traditional telephone system because the VoIP works within the internet, unlike the traditional one where you need to buy a PBX to function.

Please note that a private branch exchange is a bit pricey as it is the essential hardware for any traditional phone system. The PBX is the center of all the telephone lines in your office, and all the voice calls that will happen will have to pass through that hardware and then go through its designated telephone line.

From the looks of it, you can determine that it is enormous and expensive, right? Well, you are not wrong. It is pricey, which is not a good thing if you still have a small business. Lucky for you, the newly improved VoIP telephone system is already functioning.

This new system does not need any hardware that holds and transfers voice calls to telephone lines within your company as it uses the internet to transmit voice messages from one employee to another.


2. No payment for the additional special features

Many unique features are essential for any small businesses to have, such as the network failover, voice transfer, group calls, voice message to email text, caller ID, and longer calls that need extra payment.

These features would suck up all of your budgets, making them a liability more than an asset. With the new office phone system, you don’t need to worry about paying for these special features because they are available to use for free.

That way, small businesses in Canada can save a considerable amount of their money.


3. More accessible and efficient than the traditional phone system

One of the most significant advantages of the VoIP telephone system is its accessibility. This telephone system is straightforward to use, and any employee could get used to it instantly.

Your workers can contact their colleagues quickly without any extra charges. You can also communicate with your customers even if you are not in the office, unlike the traditional system where you need to answer the telephone line intended for customer service.

It is also efficient enough to automatically transfer the calls from your office to your other co-workers if you cannot answer your calls, which prevents you from losing a valuable customer.

Small businesses are still learning and growing, which is why we need to help them by giving some tips and suggestions on how they can improve their business. One way of doing that is to show them the new VoIP telephone system’s benefits to improve their small businesses in Canada.