How VR Could Transform Workplace Wellness

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By 2025, there will be 500 million of us in possession of a VR headset and we’ll be using it on a regular basis. It is fast becoming commonplace to step out of the real world and into a virtual one, the reasons for which are ever expanding. One of the many reasons is, of course, improving business and various aspects of the workplace. Using virtual reality is opening, and has already opened, countless doors of opportunity for business owners as well as employees, and this will only grow more significant in the years to come.


More empathy in the workplace


Of course, workplace convenience and improved communication are the obvious and initial benefits that we can see when we consider VR in the workplace – but there are actually many more aspects to it that are more interesting and perhaps more surprising. For example, it is expected that staff members will become more empathetic towards others.

The idea being “to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” – people will be able to see for themselves a situation someone else is in, with virtual tours around a house or work site. Where there were once disgruntled emails and short-tempered phone calls, the customer and the call agent will be able to communicate on a face to face basis which experts say can improve empathy levels and help us understand one another better.


Visualisation will improve idea generating

The rise of VR means getting our point across like never before. Instead of relying on the power of language, we will be able to instantly create visuals to get our point across. This can be anything from an example of a building by architects, to a content idea generated by writers who want to express their ideas with pictures and examples. Customers who are trying to explain a problem with a product will be able to show exactly through 3D imagery, and even pet owners will be able to better demonstrate an illness or symptom with similar methods. Visualisation will create a more efficient and therefore less stressful way of getting ourselves heard, both inside and outside of business.


We’ll be better rested for better productivity


It’s been suggested a number of times that the growth of VR in the workplace will mean less physical presence in the long run. As VR grows, so does our ability to be absent from the office yet 100% involved in client meetings or a chat with the boss. It’s perhaps no surprise then that this will lead to a lesser need to be “actually”, physically in the office, with less commuting times, less pressure to stick to exact office start times, and much more flexibility with working from home.

You may be able to join in with a meeting taking place on the other side of the world, while you’re on your train into work, for example. Not via your laptop, but fully present in three-dimensional form, able to make eye contact with those around you. Overall, more work will get done as there will be less travelling, with more room for productivity.


Getting the right VR equipment for the workplace

Making the leap into the world of virtual reality is easier and more cost-efficient than ever. But it’s always worth making sure you have the right things that go with it, too. It’s all well and good making sure you have a superb, highly efficient and value for money VR headset, but it won’t last very long without a good VR case, for example. There are actually really affordable VR cases by The Case Farm which are worth looking into – to make sure you protect your big headset purchase.


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