How Would You Like It If Your Last Name Was The F-Word?

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Throughout history there have been many family names that sound inappropriate when said or read, but this Canadian basketball players last name takes the cake!

Guilherme Carbagiale Fuck, a Brazilian-born 6 foot, 6 inch forward who plays for Medicine Hat College in Alberta, states that his name is of German origins and means “fox,” and pronounced, “foo-key.”

None the less, I strongly doubt this guy’s basketball jerseys will be flying off the shelves any time soon.  I couldn’t imagine my kid saying to me “Hey Dad, you know what I want for Christmas? A brand new Guilherme Fucks jersey!” It just doesn’t sound right, right?

F— also said he hopes to continue using the name and he wants to have kids and “spread the F— last name.”

You know this guy’s nickname has to be F-Bomb!