How Would You React If You Found A Lost Child? What Happens At 2:50 Will Disturb You

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Youtuber DennisCeeTv conducted a social #experiment where a 9-year-old #girl would approach strangers and ask for their help locating her mom. The child would inform each person that she has lost her mother and doesn’t know what to do.

Some people were beyond helpful and others, well, their reactions were down right disgusting to watch. As we watched this #video in our office we were all shocked and sickened by how some people offered zero help to this poor little girl.

At one point the girl approaches a young man, asks if he can help find her mother and his immediate response was ‘I don’t know your mother’. She chases after the man and tries to ask for his help again and he swears at her and physically pushes this little girl aside. Another man was too busy talking on his cell #phone to even acknowledge the girl.

This biggest issue comes at 2:50. The girl is being helped by a wonderful older man and a young man approaches, grabs a hold of the girl and says he knows where her mother is. The older man stops the guy from grabbing the girl, kudos to him! The strange young man tries to grab the girl again and that’s when one of the guys from the social experiment steps in and says he is the girls sister. He asks the young man what he is doing grabbing the little girl. Just then, the young man tries yet again to grab the girl and walk off with her. At that point the crew of the social experiment knew something was really messed up and the police are called. Once the police arrived, the man’s name is ran through their system and he is in fact a registered sex offender, with a warrant out for his arrest. That part completely opened my eyes to just how untrustworthy this world truly can be and how quick our children can be put at risk.

Being a parent myself this experiment worried me. The thought that if something were to ever happen to one of my children, they would encounter such horrible people. Granted there were some very nice and helpful people that tried to help this little girl, but the ratio from good people to bad people was just too high of a percentage for me to feel comfortable.

Take a look for yourself and ask…what would you do?

Source : Youtube