How You Can Balance Your Work While Traveling Full-Time

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Aptly named “digital nomads,” there is a growing trend of motivated, adventure-seeking professionals who are forgoing traditional offices and instead choosing to work while they travel the globe.
Whether you’re dreaming of a global adventure or you just want to leave your hometown for a long break by the sea, taking the leap to remote work can be intimidating. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to successfully balance work and travel.


Start with the Right Career

If you’re dreaming of traveling the world but need to actually earn a living while doing so, the first thing you’ll need is the right career. Lucky for you, there has been a major move toward remote work in recent years. As much as 70 percent of professionals now work from home at least one day a week, according to a recent study. And over 50 percent of professionals work from home for half the week or more, according to some estimates.
While a smaller percentage telecommute full-time, it’s becoming increasingly popular. Positions related to design, marketing, content creation, and even phone sales are the most likely to include a remote-work option. But if one of these doesn’t appeal to you, you have another option; becoming your own boss. Launching your own business means that you can decide for yourself where and when you work. With an internet connection and a smartphone, you can run your business from virtually anywhere.
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Make Work a Priority

Even if you’re lucky enough to be working from a sunny beach or a tropical bungalow, it’s important to remember one thing; without your work, you won’t have the funds to keep traveling. Which means that it’s essential to put your work first. Before you start exploring a new locale, make sure that you’ve gotten any work done that needs to be done first.
Some individuals will find it easier to stick to a traditional work schedule, getting up each day and working for a set number of hours before you start enjoying the place you’re staying. Others may be fine to work in spurts throughout the day as work needs to get done. Find the strategy that works best for you and then don’t let the draw of the ocean or invitations from new friends convince you to neglect your work.


Do Your Research Before You Travel

When it comes to long-term travel and working on the go, its important to do a little research ahead of time. Not every nation or city has reliable internet. In others, you might struggle to get cell phone service. Your dream vacation on some remote island or a backcountry hiking trip may need to wait until you are able to take a prolonged break from work, as these types of destinations are unlikely to be work-friendly.


Create a Mobile Office

To make sure that you’ll have everything you need to work on the go, you’ll want to assemble a mobile office. The most important element of this office is a good laptop. You’ll want one with a good battery life for long flights or train rides and enough speed to avoid slowdowns that could affect your work.
Other things your office might include is a planner for keeping track of your schedule, a hotspot device for getting reliable internet on the go, and perhaps a tablet that makes it easier to work on travel days.


Working and Traveling Full-time

Working and traveling full-time is a dream for many professionals. But fear of the unknown and worry about stability keeps many from taking the leap. Finding a career that allows you to travel without hurting your chances of success is the first step. Once you’ve found that, you’ll need to learn how to really balance your work time with your travel time, do research about your destinations to see if you’ll be able to get the job done and create a mobile office you can depend on. Armed with those things and a little dedication, and you can start living your life to the fullest while still working toward your professional goals.