Huge Gecko Saves The Life Of His Mate From Deadly Snake

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Sometimes you have to help a buddy out…even if you have to put yourself in harms way. 

It’s not only humans that form friendships, even reptiles form bonds and when a friend is in need, you must come to the rescue. 

That was the case in the video below when one massive gecko was attacked by a snake. The snake had the gecko completely wrapped as a fellow gecko watched on. 

The ‘free’ gecko was on a rescue mission and he planned his moves carefully. 

The gecko moved carefully closer to the snake and in an instant, he lunged forward and bit the snake. The snake releases its grip of the fellow gecko a bit and that is when the ‘free’ gecko lunged again, this time striking with great vengeance! The snake eventually focused its attention on the ‘free’ gecko and released the gecko that was being held captive. 

The only thing that would make this video better, is the song ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from Toy Story was playing during this entire ordeal. 


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