Huggies Create Pregnancy Belts For Soon-To-Be-Dads To Experience The Sensation Of A Baby Kicking

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Now this is cool!

The belt was developed by The Kimberly-Clark Corporation for Huggies, and it uses technology to replicate a baby’s movements felt by a matching belt that the mother wears. It’s a large white band that covers the abdomen, and it is filled with electronic sensors and LED lights to detect movement. When the baby kicks, that movement is replicated in the matching pregnancy belt, appearing on the belt with a flash of light and vibrating pulses where the kick occurs.

The belt was specifically created for a Father’s Day ad in Argentina, in which fathers-to-be get emotional when they feel their baby’s kicks. Some of the men laugh, some are just shocked, and some of them cry. Unfortunately, the pregnancy belts are not for sale yet, as they were only created for the advertisement. However, Kimberly-Clark is “evaluating their options” after getting many requests from people who want to try the belt.


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