‘Human-Sized’ Spider Web Found In Missouri Forest

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I couldn’t imagine stumbling upon this thing in the woods…or running into it for that matter!

With Halloween just around the corner and with 2020 being as crazy as it already is, why not stumble upon a massive ‘human-sized’ spider web. The web was discovered by the Department of Conservation’s Francis Skalicky off a trail near Springfield.

The huge web was weaved by an orb weaver spider.

People were completely freaked out at the picture of the web!

“Those are the kind that literally ‘catch’ people if they walk through them at night lol,” said Facebook commenter Jennifer Duffy Russell.

While the orb-weaver spider is large and hairy, they’re generally harmless to humans, according to theĀ Missouri Department of Conservation.

Also known as spotted orb weavers or barn spiders, they mostly eat insects such as moths and crane flies, and also their own webs.

“Many orb-weavers are nocturnal and have the peculiar habit of eating and rebuilding their webs each day,” the conservation department says.

“Webs are built at dusk and used for snaring prey during the night. At dawn, the spider reingests the strands (along with moisture that has collected on it as dew) and recycles the nutrients in making the next web.”