Hundreds Of Ravenous Wild Monkeys Terrorize Thai City In Search Of Food After Coronavirus Drives Tourists Away

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Hundreds of monkeys in Thailand were seen fighting over a single banana after the coronavirus caused a massive drop in tourists that would normally bring them food.

Footage shot in the Lopburi district in the center of the country shows the animals scramble over and attack one another.

The coronavirus has drastically dropped the number of tourists visiting the city.

Even the locals are taken back by the intense behavior and over-running of the monkeys. 

Massive groups of monkeys can be seen running across roads, attempting to attack other monkeys that are holding bananas.

Even locals who are used to the animals’ behavior seemed shocked by their ferocity and craziness. Some saying they look more like wild dogs, than monkeys and that they have never seen them so aggressive.

Lopburi is home to thousands of wild monkeys that roam the streets and buildings, many living in the grounds of the district’s ancient Buddhist temples. The wildlife typically drawn in 35 million tourists every year and account for 20% of their economy.