This Husband Forgot Valentine’s Day, Uses President’s Day As Do Over

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Source : AJ Original

Savannah, Georgia :  Local peach farmer Gerald Lopez was so consumed in his cultivation of delicious peaches this past Saturday that he completely forgot Valentines day which resulted in his wife Norma-Jean Lopez spending the last few nights at her sisters home in Atlanta.

In a desperate attempt to rectify the situation at hand, Lopez decided to go all out in lieu of President’s Day showing his undying love and affection for Norma-Jean.

Lopez presented Norma-Jean with a gift basket filled to the brim with the most desirable presidential items he could find, he was sure this gift basket was the key to her return to Savannah.

Here are just a few of the items that Lopez gifted.


Lopez felt this breathable hat would keep Norma-Jean cool yet stylish during the summer months


Knowing Norma-Jean isn’t the biggest Obama fan, Lopez figured she would enjoy watching the clock tick down to his demise


Lopez really wanted to spice things up in the bedroom with NJ and he found the perfect way!


Nothing say’s I love you like an early presidential post card
























If all else fails, Lopez felt the spirits inside this presidential seal flask would surely make up for him missing Valentine’s Day.