Husband Posts Miserable Vacation Photos After Wife Couldn’t Join Him

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Kevin Blandford won a free trip to Puerto Rico, the catch…his #wife was unable to join him.  Kevin posted these hilarious photos to Reddit.  The shots were taken during his lonely trip to paradise.  Clearly Kevin didn’t have a good time all alone, but he did do an #awesome job of documenting is sad and lonely emotions for all to see!


Clearly Kevin is having a blast snorkeling!


Kevin recently spoke with ABC News and this is what he had to say :

“I won the trip through recognition for extraordinary service with my company,” Blandford told ABC News. “A couple of fellow employees recommended me so I won the award a couple of times and then they do a drawing each year to send people on the trip. I was one of about 200 people chosen to go on the trip out of about 50,000 employees.”

“My wife wasn’t able to go because we have a 7-month old baby,” he said. “The type of trip it was made it complicated to take the baby due to liability reasons and my wife didn’t want to leave her for that long so she stayed home.”


Having zero fun on the plane!


“The no fun pics really happened organically. My ‘dedicated friend’ Alec took a photo of me at the airport and I looked miserable,” Blandford said. “We thought it would be funny to take many pictures of me being miserable and to act like I wasn’t having any fun without my wife. We had a lot of fun picking the picture locations out.”


Kevin can’t sleep alone!


The photo’s have become so popular that the tourism commission in Peurto Rico has reached out to Kevin and offered him and his entire family an all expenses paid trip back to paradise!  Funny stuff!


Kevin dislikes pools when he is alone


How boring does this look…poor Kevin


Kevin is a very sad, lonely gambler