This ‘Hypercool’ Portable Cooler Can Chill Drinks Anywhere In Just 60-Seconds

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Warm summer days, easy holiday mood, time for chilling and recreation. Why carry a big, heavy cooler when you can chill with style?

HYPERCOOL is the fastest portable cooler. It’s battery powered, compact and lightweight. You can take it to beach, picnic, training, boating or road trip – anywhere you go!


HYPERCOOL chills your drinks all day long. The cooling method ensures perfect quality of your drinks; there’s no loss of bubbles or foaming.

There is a current crowdfunding campaign happening right now for this super cool new product on IndieGoGo. Check it out…it’s pretty cool! 


As a family man and a one who loves the outdoors, camping, hiking and beach trips…this thing is perfect!


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