Hyundai’s New Super Bowl Ad Stars Boston Actors And Their Wicked-Smaht Accents

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Hyundai has a wicked cool Super Bowl commercial.

In this hilarious Hyundai Super Bowl commercial, former Red Sox star David Ortiz appears with John Krasinski, Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch — but the real star of the commercial is the Boston accent.

The automaker pokes fun at the well-known Boston accent, with Beantown natives John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans all taking part — and these guys nail it! Of course they would nail it…as they are all from the Boston area. Even Big Papi puts on a thick Boston accent for his couple lines!

The Ad is showcasing Hyundai’s new ‘Smart Park’ feature, where the car can park itself with just a click of a button on your key fob. However, in Boston…it’s not pronounced ‘Smart Park’, it’s pronounced ‘Smaht Pahk’.

The commercial also used the word ‘Wicked’ a lot, as most everyone in New England does. I’m from New England, so I can attest!

Either way, the commercial is quite funny, especially if you are from the area or know someone who is! Enjoy!