Parent Life | Sometimes I Go To The Bathroom Just To Get Some Peace And Quiet

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As a parent of multiple children I find I often need a little down time, a little peace and quiet if you will. From time to time I find myself wanted to escape. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly, but sweet baby Jesus can those little love muffins drive one batty.

Now some may say, why don’t you just take a walk outside or take a moment alone in your bedroom…well…if I were to venture outside I would be followed, like tiny soldiers following their fearless leader into battle…my little soldiers would march on strong. I could go into the bedroom and take a quick breather, but that doesn’t quite work because my wife and I gave up our bedroom with a door and are now bunking down in a second living room turned ‘non-private’ bedroom. So that’s out.

So, what is a parent supposed to do when he/she wants a little peace and quiet? Head to the bathroom, that is exactly what a parent is to do! You see, the bathroom is a place where literally no one will bother you. Sure you will get the occasional knock on the door, or the every so popular ‘Mom, Dad, how long are you going to be there’ bullshit, but hey, it’s a small price to pay for a little peace and quiet.

Often times I get some work done via my phone or play an intense game of Bubble Blaster. Sometimes I don’t do anything at all though…I just sit there and hum an old hymn while wondering what the fuck I’m going to make for dinner. One time, I zoned out so hard in the bathroom that I had missed an entire episode of that new shitty Full House show on Netflix. The kids were pissed.

Lets face it though. If you are a work at home parent, or a full time stay at home parent…you need a little peace…a little quiet…some down time. I know I’m not alone here. Right now as you are reading this…hell…you are probably reading this while in the bathroom, you see, I’m not alone! I knew it! Good for you! 🙂

In all seriousness though, the bathroom is the shit (no pun intended). If have never made the great escape to the bathroom…give it a try. If you are a veteran or pioneer of the bathroom escape plan, rock on my friend! 🙂

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