I Had No Idea That The House Which Inspired The Movie “Up” Was Actually Based On A Real Home

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I like to think that I have a vast array of useless knowledge floating around in my head, but apparently I don’t have as much as I once thought.  Am I the only person who didn’t know that the movie “Up” was inspired by real life situation?

Edith Macefield, the home’s previous owner before she died in 2008, had famously refused an offer of $1 million to real estate developers who ultimately built around her home. She stayed in the home for about 50 years until she died of pancreatic cancer at age 86. The home is located in Seattle, Washington.

How hardcore was Ms. Edith Macefield? She loved her home and she stood by it, I love it!

Sadly the home went to auction earlier this week, didn’t fetch any bids and will more than likely be torn down by the bank.

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