Ice Skater Comes To The Rescue Of 3 Deer Stranded On A Frozen Lake

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As temperatures drop and ice forms, people typically take extra measures to stay safe. However, animals don’t always know to use these precautions, which lands them in dangerous situations.

Luckily, there are good humans in the world that are willing to help if an animal is in danger! Ryan Peterson of Ontario, Canada, is one of them. He was taking a leisurely skate on a frozen lake one day during his lunch break when he noticed something strange.

Three deer had managed to get stranded out in the middle of the frozen lake. As the deer ventured further across the lake, it became harder and harder for them to walk and they were simply unable to make it back to the shoreline. Ryan contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, but when he learned they wouldn’t be able to help the poor creatures right away, he took matters into his own hands.

Ryan went to get some rope and with the ice being way to thin for any sort of vehicle to drive on, skating was the only way he could perform the rescue.

Ryan carefully placed the rope around the neck of one deer and pulled it to safety. Then Ryan returned and saved the other two in the exact same way. Once the three deer were reunited on shore, they steadied themselves and then went on their way!

Check out the rescue below! How cute are these deer? There is no doubt they were quite thankful!