Idaho Murder Suspect Seen Wearing Surgical Gloves, Cleaning Car And Disposing Trash In Neighbors Bins Prior To Arrest

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Moscow, Idaho crime scene

The man accused of murdering four Idaho college students displayed odd behavior prior to arrest – all seen and documented by the police and FBI.

Such a horrific crime.

Bryan Kohberger, 28, left his home in Washington State University shortly after the murders to drive back to his family home in Pennsylvania (with his father). At this time, Bryan was considered the main suspect in the slayings – and was being heavily surveilled by law enforcement. During the drive from Washington to Pennsylvania, the FBI requested that Indiana State Police pull over the vehicle he was driving, not once, but twice. This was in an effort to gain video footage of Bryan’s hands and gauge his demeanor.

Once Bryan arrived back at the family home, police continued to surveil him, 24-hours a day. Idaho police were preparing an arrest warrant for him and they wanted tabs kept on him for when the arrest warrant was signed by a judge and ready to execute.

Bryan Kohberger

Days leading up to his arrest as his parents home, the police and FBI noticed Bryan wearing surgical gloves outside of his parents home on multiple occasions. In one instance, Bryan was seen bringing bags of trash outside at 4a.m. and placing it in his parent’s neighbors trash bins, instead of the families. The FBI then posed as garbage men and were able to recover all items that were thrown out in the Kohberger trash bins, as well as the neighbor’s trash bins.

Bryan’s family home where he was taken into custody.

Just days before Bryan’s arrest, the police and FBI agents watched as Bryan meticulously cleaned his vehicle, a 2015 Hyundai Elantra (which was seen at the crime scene in Idaho). In addition, Bryan had changed the title and license plates of the car just days after the murders occurred.

Bryan is currently being held in the Moscow, Idaho jail. He has plead not guilty to four counts of murder in the first degree and one count of burglary.

The 19 page arrest affidavit was recently released to the public which can be viewed here

Within that affidavit, police state that they recovered Bryan’s DNA at the crime scene, have video footage of his vehicle and can place him around the crime scene via cell phone pings.