Ideas For Making Your House More Cat Friendly

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The Humane Society of the United States

If you share your home with cats, you probably want to make your house as welcoming as possible for your fluffy friend! The first step is to ensure that there’s nothing potentially dangerous for them, such as dangling cords or cables, but after that it’s all about how to make the space pleasant and enjoyable for your cat. This is particularly true if you have a house cat who doesn’t go outside. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Provide dedicated spots for food, water and litter

Cats like to have dedicated places for eating, drinking and using their litter tray. It’s best to choose a quiet, calm spot for their food bowl, and always feed them in the same place. Don’t put the litter tray here though – this should be in a different place, that offers your cat some privacy. When it comes to water, it’s a good idea to have a few water bowls in different spots around the house. Many cats like drinking from a running water source, so buying a cat fountain can be an effective way of encouraging them to drink more.

Create vertical space

Cats absolutely love vertical space. It gives them much more room to play in, and provides some opportunity for indoor cats to get more exercise too. Our feline friends enjoy surveying their territory from up high, so if you can combine it with a view out of a window, even better! There are lots of options for creating vertical space, from buying a cat tower to installing shelves up the wall for them to use.

Include lots of hiding spots

It’s not just high up spaces that cats enjoy. They also like secluded spots where they can hide away in privacy. Old houses tend to be full of these, but even new build homes can be converted into a kitty haven by buying cat beds that are completely covered to give them a place they can retreat to for a catnap or just some quiet time. Just be sure not to encourage them to hide away in spots where you can’t reach them or they could get stuck.

Cat proof the windows and garden

Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to making your home cat friendly. One area to look at is the windows – do they open in such a way that your cat is at risk of falling out? If so, you can fix netting or screens designed to keep out insects across them. That means you can still have fresh air circulating through the house, but don’t have to worry about your pet getting hurt. Another aspect to check when you’re house hunting is the garden. Certain plants are toxic to cats, so be sure to remove them.

Have lots of stimulating toys to play with

Finally, it’s important to keep your cats entertained to prevent boredom. The best way to do this is to have a variety of different toys scattered around the house – including some that they can play with by themselves when you’re not around. It’s a good idea to rotate which toys are left out, as this keeps it interesting for your cat!