Ideas You Can Borrow From Daenerys Wedding Ceremony (Game Of Thrones)

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Do you want the dark and whimsical Game of Thrones wedding ceremony for your day? Go through this post to pull off powerful wedding ceremony Game of Thrones!

I’m not going to stop the wheel. I’m going to break the wheel! – Daenerys

Who’s up for another Game of Thrones wedding ceremony? Have you watched the season 8 trailer yet? So short!

If you’re a die-hard fan of GOT, you’d be well obsessed with everything, especially the weddings. Regardless of the murders, incest, treachery, and backstabbing. GOT has everyone glued!

We witnessed many weddings and we’re inspired by the simple wedding ceremony script, Game of Thrones wedding ceremony speech and all. Many aspects of GOT weddings held us spellbound, and we went scouting for wedding ideas.

So, if it’s all in your head to have a GOT themed wedding, your dreams are valid! Check this post to see adopt what you can. From the Game of Thrones decor to the mysterious Game of Thrones wedding rings. You’d be quite enthralled!



Rock your wedding with the legendary Game of Thrones décor. Go for a combination of foliage grasses, and textures. Get the feeling of taking your vows under the enchanted Weirwood tree in Winterfell. Bring together purple hues, blood red flowers, and moss to pull off a medieval effect.

Use a lot of timber, polished wood, lighted candles and camp lamps for the bridesmaids or a full-blown rustic look. Give the perfect finishing with stained glass chandeliers.



As the officiant, it is your place to give the wedding speech at the Game of Thrones Stark wedding ceremony. For your Game of Thrones wedding ceremony script, a dramatic and dark speech appeals. Put up an illusion of power, ruthlessness, honor, yet, show some tenderness. Below is a template I created from the Game of Thrones.

“We planned for many years, and we are here at last to witness the wedding of Jon and Met. They take the step to uphold duty, family, and honor. They will live the rest of their days growing, living, giving, and loving. They will stand tall and strong, together unbowed and unbroken.

Play the music, let the wine flow red, and let the merriment go on.”


Dresses and attire

For the Game of Thrones wedding dress, go regal in the mother of dragons’ ensemble. A floor length gown with a sprawling cathedral cape. Accessorize with dragons and a kiss the skin type of bodice. Bone corsets will also work. Keep your hair in a simple braided and ruffled style for special effects.

The bridesmaids can channel their inner Melisandre, the red priestess on a signature oath mermaid dress. They will accessorize with capes, metal belts and obvi. They will braid their hair into Celtic knots and accessorize with the crystal filigree hair combs/clips.

The groom will choose the form of the night watch by coming in a fur-collared suit. He may also choose to go regal in a suit fabric of parsley pattern.

For accessories, the hand of king lapel will come in place of the everyday boutonnieres. They can also pair with sun spear sigil cufflinks.


Ceremony outline

The game of throne ceremony outline is a short, but dramatic and powerful one. Everything is well detailed, seamless and mystical. Let’s check out my GOT ceremony outline template below.

  • Procession of the houses that will unite in matrimony.
  • The wedding speech
  • Wedding Readings
  • The Oath
  • The Vows
  • Presentation and exchange of rings
  • The pledge of loyalty
  • Blessings
  • The Feast



Food made for kings only will get entrance to the banquet. Split your guest into your favorite houses and treat them to a befitting banquet. Check out some GOT inspired wedding menu.

  • Roast chicken by iron skillet. The king of the feast.
  • Lemon trout and baked dill.
  • Lime, dragon fruit and vodka cocktail.
  • Flea bottom bread.
  • Chicken roasted by fire.
  • Roasted potatoes + wine mulled from brandy
  • Gold and red cherry pie.

They will eat their fill.



Let the guest’s un-sheath their swords and test their strengths at the game of corn hole. This game is a fun game played on a raised platform with a hole at the end. You’d throw beanbags as far as you can. If it gets in the hole, you score 3 points. If it stays on the platform, you score one point. You play this game in singles and doubles. So, how about you divide guests into houses and let them fight to the death!



What is a Game of Thrones inspired wedding without the “Ice and Fire” theme song? There are few other songs that are beautiful for a Game of Thrones wedding music idea. Below, you will find a few songs extracted from the Game of Thrones series.

  • Light up your venue with the “light of seven” song. Remember when Cersei was about to blow up the great Sept of Baelor, enemies inclusive? Yes, that song!
  • Walk down the aisle in all your regal awesomeness to the song “reign”. This song played when Daenerys torched her enemies into submission, using her mighty dragons.
  • Walk with your husband into your reception to the song “The children”.
  • Get the guests waltzing to “Mhysha.”



Channeling the medieval times, set your wedding venue in an ancient castle, old stone mansion, or a villa. Fill it out with rustic themed décor and use a lot of lush greens to give the forest effect.



Emeralds! Emerald precious stones only, placed in silver sterling and engraved with a quote from GOT. Give it the perfect finish by displaying them ring box in the likeness of a dragon egg. The height of mystery.



Look for something generic for your wedding wishes, but with the dark vibes. Take on some quotes from the Game of Thrones and tweak them. You could replace your name with theirs. It’s all part of the fun.



Create a custom made downloadable scroll with your details and stamp on it. Put it in a dragon egg, box it and send to your guests. You can buy these dragon eggs off of Etsy.


Save the date

Use something simple and laid back to give an illusion of mystery and command for your Game of Thrones save the date cards. Work with a rustic theme or plain black custom print downloadable card. Fill in your details with bloody red or bold white colors. Do not forget to use the legendary GOT font to send this message to your subjects. And, stamp it with your favorite house, or your maiden name in your case.



Depending on how obsessed you are with GOT, the Game of Thrones wedding cake come in varieties. We will list a few and you make a pick of which suits you best.

  • The king knight cake.
  • The double-tiered dragon themed cake.
  • Dragon egg cake.
  • Red wedding cake, in remembrance of the bloodied wedding.
  • The cake of no name. This comes after Arya denounced her identity and became “no one”. The cake portrays different views of GOT. The hall of faces, home badges and the iron throne sitting on top.

Complete the formation with a custom-made cake topper with fonts of GOT. For the cutting, use a long claw oath keeper needle sword.

Winter is coming! The plan for your Game of Thrones wedding ceremony is in full gear. Everything you need, from ceremony script to your Game of Thrones wedding cake is ready. Check this post and get the best ideas to pull it. This is especially if your partner is a GOT enthusiast and lives for this day. In the end, these are things we do for love!