If God Doesn’t Save You Maybe Rehab Will. Josh Duggar Checks Into ‘Sex Rehab’

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Is it just me, or does Josh Duggar seem to be grasping at straws here? This man clearly has some severe issues and he seems to feel that an apology, and now rehab will cure all.

Duggar has always said that he was a man of the Lord and often spoke about it during the long run of ’19 Kids And Counting’. Everyone in Duggar’s life seems to think that God is going to forgive and a little rehab is going to change this sick man.

Let me just put a little truth out there for your reading pleasure. The man is a SICKO! The man molested his younger sisters when he clearly knew he WAS IN THE WRONG. The man prayed on a young girl (which he married), knowing that sadly she didn’t have much going for her in regards to a life path and then he exploited her for the world to see as he gets busted for cheating on her.

duggar rehab

Josh Duggar’s wife seems to be a saint. She seems to have gone with the flow, got taken advantage of and now shamed by her own husband. This woman appears to be a wonderful mother and a damn good wife to Josh Duggar. How does this God baring man repay her? By spending $1,000 on AshleyMadison.com is how!

Rehab and God won’t save Josh Duggar, Josh Duggar needs to save Josh Duggar. This whole family acceptance thing is absolute bullshit. Josh’s family forgave him for molesting his sisters, his wife is forgiving him for cheating on her time and time again…and it is absurd. Josh Dugger is getting away with being a sicko, molesting kids and going against everything he has ever said, to the world and the people that he loves most.

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This is a special kind of bullshit love:-)

Sick people need to get help yes, but they also need to pay for their crimes if committed. …AND don’t say public embarrassment is punishment enough because when you molest children, public humiliation should just be the start!

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