If Your Partner Does These 5 Things, Don’t Let Them Go!

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There comes a time in life that we find someone so awesome, so special that we just can’t let them go, nor should we!

Every relationship comes with their fair share of ups and downs, but you can be sure that there are signs in every relationship that show you loud and clear whether or not you should keep your partner around for an extended period of time.

Here are 5 sure signs that you are with the right mate…if they do these five things…by all means…don’t let them go!

They Send You Simple Text Messages Throughout The Day. 


A simple text can go a long way! We all know these text, they could be an inside joke, a funny picture that only the two of you will understand, or maybe it is a simple ‘xoxo’. It doesn’t really matter, as long as the texts are sweet, random and make you smile. Just an FYI : random sexy pic senders are keepers too!


They Think You Are A Special Kind Of Crazy…And Love It!

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Having a partner that thinks you are a special kind of crazy, is great! This means, that your partner gets you, they understand all the quirkiness that is YOU! They love it, accept it and can’t get enough of it! I myself am a special kind of crazy, and my fiance’ loves it! I dance randomly in public, belt out a random Whitney Houston song in the middle of Wal-Mart and go out of my way to embarrass my fiance’, just to make her smile! Now that is a special kind of crazy!

They Go To The Bathroom……With You There!

This is huge my friends! When you have reached the ultimate level of comfort in your relationship where you and your partner can go number one or number two while carrying on a conversation, face to face…that is true love. You don’t want to let that partner go! For one, if you let them go, you will have to try and gain that level of comfort all over again…and who wants to do that? Second, that level of comfort is pretty cool!


Grocery Shopping Is No Longer Normal!



You use to go grocery shopping by yourself or with him/her and you would act normal and just get your food like normal people. Not anymore. Now that you have been together and are best friends you don’t care what others think of you two. You go back to being 8 years old and just having a blast.


He/She Makes You Laugh Until You Cry!

Even though you may have the world’s worst laugh, he/she still loves you and wouldn’t want to laugh with anyone else. Inside jokes, silly random dances in their underwear while sweeping the kitchen, the list goes on! But no matter what they do, they make you laugh until tears of awesome joy roll down your cheek!


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