If The U.S. Truly Went To The Moon In 1969, Why Were These Photos & Videos Faked?

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There has long been controversy about the famed Apollo mission in 1969 were NASA sent three astronauts to the moon. As more and more photo and video evidence of the Apollo mission surfaces, more and more conspiracy theories develop.

In the documentary below you will find compelling evidence that will make you wonder if the United States truly ever made it to the moon.

We have started the video a little more than halfway through in order to show you some very strange and compelling evidence to support the theory that the U.S. never landed on the moon, nor did they even come close to doing so.

The individuals behind the documentary requested video and photo’s from the Apollo mission in order to complete their documentary, in one instance a video was obtained that was not supposed to be released to the public.

The video clearly shows the three man crew of the Apollo mission in low orbit, far, far away from the moons surface on the day that the ‘live’ video from the moons surface was supposedly taken and aired on national television for all to see.

While in low orbit, the compelling film shows how the view of earth from a ‘great’ distance was clearly being faked by the astronauts. Voices are heard behind the scenes giving instructions on how to fake a better shot. When you look at this video, you have to wonder why any video would have to be faked if the crew truly went to the moon.

Again, we started the video a little more than halfway through. Feel free to go back and watch the entire 47 minute documentary.

Bart Sibrel

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