If You Bought Crypto Because of Larry David, Matt Damon And Lebron James, Here Is How Much You Lost.

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This year and last year’s Super Bowl commercials features some big names pushing crypto coins. Stars like Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld creator), Matt Damon and Lebron James, all got paid big money to push crypto on every day citizens.

Well, that didn’t work out so hot for many.

LeBron James

Feb. 13, 2022. Crypto.com

How screwed did you get? Let’s say you signed up for Crypto.com right after James’ ad and procured yourself one (1) Bitcoin. That coin, then worth $42,067.76, is now worth $21,749.96—a 48 percent plunge in value.

What about other tokens?
• Ethereum: 1 token of ETH was worth $2,782.80 on game day. Now, it’s worth $1,522.23—a 45 percent fall.
• Dogecoin: 1 DOGE was worth about, well, 15 cents on game day. Now it’s only 8 cents, if trading in pennies like that is your thing.
• Solana: 1 SOL was worth $92.86 on game day. Now? A measly $20.48, entailing a 78 percent fall.

Larry David

Feb. 13, 2022. FTX

When it comes to Larry David’s commercial — if you invested in crypto after seeing his advert…then you are just as screwed as you were if you bought after seeing Lebron’s commercial. A roughly 48% loss of investment.

If you bought crypto over the last year based on these advertisements, this is how much money you lost.

Matt Damon

Oct. 28, 2021. Crypto.com

How screwed did you get? Bitcoin’s price has dropped by 64% since that big time fall. Hope you sold it off before that.

What about other tokens?
• Ethereum: 1 ETH, worth $4,288.81 the day Damon’s ad spread to the public, has slid by 65 percent.
• Dogecoin: 1 DOGE was worth about a literal quarter back then. Now, you couldn’t even trade it in for a dime.
• Solana: SOL was experiencing an upswing around this time, climbing up to $194.80 by the time Damon came around. Now, it has cratered by about 89 percent(!).