If You Notice These 8 Signs In Your Relationship, You Have Super-Solid Trust In Each Other

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Relationship expert Tim Lott says there are three important aspects of a successful couple: communication, respect, and trust. He called trust the hardest of all. But still, you need to have faith and hope, even if there were some mistakes in the past, because without these there is no future.

1. You are not afraid to look and be yourself

In natural and healthy relationships, you are not shy or scared about being yourself around your partner. Both you and your partner are able to create and sustain a happy and relaxed enviornement.

You can walk around the house talking on the phone with unbuttoned pants, eat a slice of pizza in bed, and know that your partner is absolutely okay with this.

2. You share details of your day with one another

You are able to come home from a long day and share with your partner all the details about your day and they actively listen to you. After you are done talking about your day, your partner offers up info about their day!

Opening up about your days details to one another means that you are more than just partners, or lovers, you are close friends too!

3. You open up about past pain

We all have a past and sometimes our past has hurt and pain within in. Opening up to your partner about your past, whether it be about your childhood or a past toxic relationship, brings a whole new level of trust and creates a major bond between you and your partner.

4. You share a bank account and know one another PIN codes

This may seem silly, but it is a major step in the trust game when it comes to relationships. If you and your partner share a bank account and know one another’s PIN’s to their debit cards…well…you have a seriously trusting relationship.

5. You don’t control one another

Trust issues can ruin relationships rapidly, especially if you become a control freak and start calling or texting your spouse every hour.

When you give a person some air to breathe and stop controlling them, it means you are not only settled about your partner, but also about yourself.

Psychologists also say that it’s possible to fix things when someone is being over controlling, but you’ll need to take emotional risks and learn to trust.

6. You can easily leave your phone, computer and other communication devices open

This is a big one! If you and your partner find yourselves leaving your phone and computer open to one another, than that is a major sign of some serious trust! We live in a world know where it is easy to hide things via our electronic devices. Typically in a relationship, if one partner is always keeping their phone to themselves and hiding it, that means they have something to hide.

7. You feel you can express the good emotions and bad ones too

We all have moments where we feel like everything that can go wrong, is going wrong. If you are open to discussing this with your partner, it means you trust them. You are actively seeking their advice and willing to let them see a vulnerable side of you.

Expressing the bad emotions just as easily as the good emotions, is definitely a sign of trust!

8. You can both admit when you are wrong and share the responsibility

There is a major level of trust if you and your partner share more than just the household chores. If you share emotional issues too, you have found yourself inside a very trusting relationship. If you don’t ignore problems, show empathy, and can admit that you are wrong, this is a sign of a healthy relationship.

It is crucial to not blame our partners for our feelings.