If You See This Hanging In Your Christmas Tree, Gently Remove It And Take It Outside.

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If you see this cute little brown, pine cone shaped thing in your Christmas tree, you will want to remove it and bring it outside. It most certainly is not a pine cone, it’s actually 100-200 praying mantis eggs that will hatch inside your home, if not removed.

That was case for one family in Virginia when they had over 100 praying mantis eggs hatch inside their home on Christmas eve. The incident happened back in 2017, but it’s a great reminder that this can happen and it’s worth sharing.

If the egg sacs are not removed, they likely will start to hatch “after being indoors for several weeks,” the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry wrote online. “When this happens, numerous tiny mantids swarm over the tree seeking food.”

Praying Mantis’ are cannibalistic creatures and will begin to actually eat one another if no food is found.

The family managed to catch over 100 of the tiny creatures as they swarmed their home.

If you do happen to find one of these inside your Christmas tree, gently remove it from the tree by removing the branches in which it is attached to and place it outside. The baby mantis’ will eventually hatch and Mother Nature will take over!