People Are Turning Ikea Bags Into Clothing And It’s Actually Becoming Trendy

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I have enough trouble trying to assemble furniture from Ikea…none the less trying to assemble a piece of clothing out of an Ikea bag!

Creating clothing from used Ikea bags is quickly becoming a fashion trend. Crafty Ikea fans all over the world are making funky and unique pieces of apparel and accessories.

1. The Ikea Bag Baseball Cap

ikea bag clothing

2. Fashionable Ikea Bag Kids Jacket!

3. And An Adult Version…

ikea bag clothing

4. Apron/Mini Dress

5. DIY Prom Dress Idea?

ikea bag clothing

6. Breathing Easy

7. Looks Comfy

8. Perfect For Rainy Days!

9. Ikea Jordan’s 

10. Naturally You Need An Ikea Bag Wallet


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