Give Any Cluttered Bedroom A Makeover On A Budget With This Genius IKEA Platform Bed Hack

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This video shows you how to turn seven standard kitchen cabinets from IKEA into a platform bed with storage underneath. It’s a perfect solution for anyone with limited closet space.


The approximate cost of this project was $480, roughly broken down as follows:
$355 – Cabinets
$85 – Lumber
$40 – Paneling, carpet, knobs

You can do this project with any brand or style as long as they are wall cabinets. For these cabinets, go to and look at their SEKTION wall cabinets. The cabinet sizes are shown in the video at 0:34. 


Check out the video below to see how this awesome project was done. For full blueprints of the project you can head over to and grab them! 


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