I’ll Take Two Bean Burrito’s, Three Grams Of Meth And A Medium Coke

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An Iowa Taco Bell remains closed today after it was closed due to the police finding a full on operational meth lab inside.

31-year-old employee Christopher Adam Matous was arrested alongside 56-year-old Kent Jerome Duby and both were charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth.

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Matous told officers that he manufactured the meth “for personal use” so that he could “stay high all the time.” Taco Bell released a statement noting that the meth was not cooked in the restaurant’s kitchen. However, Matous has been terminated and the franchise owner may press criminal charges. Taco Bell adds that the company and the franchisee find the situation “completely unacceptable” and that the franchisee is cooperating with the police.

The company has hired a professional clean up crew that specializing in the clean up of chemical spills and meth labs.

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