“I’m Not That Bryce Williams”, Guy With Same Name As WDBJ Virginia Shooting Suspect Is Not Impressed

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This poor guy…

A U.S. Military man named Bryce Williams is getting bombarded with comments and posts on his Facebook page today. After the fatal shooting of a WDBJ reporter and cameraman in Virginia at the hands of Vester Flanagan who goes by the name ‘Bryce Williams’ earlier today, the innocent Williams was forced to change his Facebook profile picture to this :


As news broke about the identity of the shooter earlier today, everyone started searching Facebook for ‘Bryce Williams’ in order to see the reported disturbing Facebook posts that were posted at the hands of the disgusting murderer. However, Facebook had removed the lowlifes profile, therefore, people are thinking that the above Bryce Williams is the shooter, and his Facebook comments prove it.


This Bryce Williams is having one strange day that’s for sure. If you end up on his page, make sure to thank him for his service as he is in the United States Army and he is the guy who protects people from sick people like ‘that’ Bryce Williams.

Our hearts here at AwesomeJelly.com go out to the victim’s family and friends. Today’s events were nothing more than a senseless tragedy. No one has the right to take innocent lives…no one.