29 Images Depicting Hell On Earth In Australia

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Source: https://pbs.twimg.com

A fire season like no other in recent memory has been ravaging Australia, and although the bushfires are concentrated on the southeast coast, claiming the lives of more than two dozen people, destroying thousands of homes, killing over a billion wildlife, and burning millions of acres in New South Wales and Victoria, it has also made its mark on each Australian state or territory. Who or what is to blame is an entirely different conversation, as the country’s collective action is the primary concern if they are to put out these wildfires, which started back in September of 2019 (though it has taken root much earlier as studies show). There are still over 100 fires burning, and with more than six weeks of summer left, a lot can still happen.
With record-breaking fires engulfing vast territories, essentially putting a smoke halo on the planet, these are some of the most terrifying and heartbreaking images taken in the land down under.