Important Skills For A Helpdesk Job

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The use of computers has risen exponentially over the past decade. Presently, almost all small, medium and large enterprises use multiple computers. This is why it becomes essential that computers remain up and running. Even a tiny lag on the servers can lead to substantial mismanagement issues and possible losses. To avoid this, it is important to secure the computers and the network and guard them all the time. This is seldom possible without helpdesk support 24/7. This technical support can be sourced in-house by the companies or can be outsourced.

The jobs

As the business and use of computers is on the rise, so is the requirement of professionals who are qualified, and technically sound to provide help desk support 24/7. The industry needs people from different qualifications at different levels to solve problems that range from very simple to extremely complex. Here are some essentials that can be used as a checklist by people to determine if they are right for the job or not-

1. Necessary technical and domain-specific skills- The first, foremost, and the most apparent skill set you need is a technical one. Knowledge of the domain that the helpdesk support is all about can never hurt your prospects. Not only would it help you understand the problem, but it would also help in the resolution. Being at a position of a helpdesk support 24/7 executive, one must also keep themselves abreast of all the latest trends and developments in the industry. This is because the tech domain is rapidly changing and evolving with each passing day. The knowledge and thorough understanding one has, would be challenged in this position.


2. Organizational skills- Time and project management is something that would go a long way, not just in defining your career, but you as a person as well. A well-organized worker is usually efficient and better at the job. While it is true that an inclination and flair for the organization comes to some innately, but it is nothing that cannot be learned and developed over time. After all, practice makes you perfect. There are several things that you can do to hone your skills in organizing. Planning is the key here. Prioritizing, scheduling, and multitasking are some processes that form the key to victory here.

3. Interpersonal skills- A significant chunk of your responsibility in helpdesk support 24/7 would be to assist customers and clients. Even though the interactions would be with machines, the problems would be faced by the people. The people who would receive support would have fundamental knowledge as compared to yours. This means that you ought to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to understand their problems and then deliver the resolution clearly and concisely. 

Another thing which might help here is listening. A good listener will be able to understand the customer’s problem better.

4. Critical thinking- Even though you might have a set procedure or a script that you follow when doing routine tasks, but there cannot be a script for all functions. Sometimes, when faced with novel problems, it would be crucial to have the ability to think on your feet and employ critical thinking to the situation. This would be utilized to evaluate and analyze the problem. The past experience with similar issues might lend a helping hand here as well. The perspective so gained would definitely stay with you for a long time.


5. Conflict resolution- Conflict can be avoided, but not forever. There are times when you do nothing wrong, but still, the customer is not satisfied and loses his temper. How to handle a situation like this would be immensely helpful. At such an instance, the best course of action is to stay focused on the problem. In addition to the IQ, this situation would be a test of your EQ (Emotional Quotient). Sensitivity to the issue of the client should be kept paramount at all times.

Helpdesk support 24/7

The tech support provided to any company is undeniably the most vital of the things which go on quietly in the background. It helps sustain and run the business without any hassles. Nobody understands its value until there is a problem. But when things go wrong, it is time for the trusted helpdesk support 24/7 to step up. Honing your skills can get you a job easily in this domain, where you will grow a lot, personally, and professionally.