In Fire-Stricken Australia, Toddler Jumps For Joy On Seeing Rain For First Time

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A heartwarming video, filmed in Australia, has captured a toddler’s excitement on seeing rain for the first time ever. The video shows 18-month-old Sunni Mckenzie jumping into puddles and dancing in the rain at his family’s farm in New South Wales, reports 9 News. Little does this little tyke know…just how amazing that rain truly is for those in Australia right now.

Heavy rains swept through parts of Australia Thursday and are said to continue through Sunday. The rains have extinguished over 30 bushfires, offering relief to exhausted firefighters through out the region.

In the middle of all the tragedy and chaos that the wildfires have caused the country of Australia, it is nice to see the joy and smile of Sunni. The video offers a little glimpse of hope and happiness.

“Heavy rain in Australia is bringing joy to the drought stricken continent. This 18 month old boy is thrilled seeing it for the 1st time,” wrote Mr Nanda while sharing the video on the microblogging platform. “Yes. Rains after 18 months is paradise.”

“When the rain came we raced outside to move the plants out and he just kept walking out to the rain and just stood in it,” Sunni’s mother told Daily Mail Australia.

“He hasn’t had the chance to do this before. Needless to say, he enjoyed it.”

Ms Mckenzie also added that their home in Scone, NSW, had not seen heavy rain for the past three years – only light sprinkles. “We haven’t had a rain event like this in over three years. We’re hoping it keeps falling over the next five days,” she said.