The Disturbing Trend Of Inappropriate Videos On Youtube Kids. Parents Beware.

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Youtube via Medium

When it comes to keeping kids entertained, many parents elect to sit their kids in front of an iPad, iPod or computer in order to get a little piece and quiet.

That’s why apps like YouTube Kids are so popular. Basically, a child can sit down with the app and watch content that’s appropriate for them, featuring the characters they know and love.

Unfortunately, the reality of the content that is infiltrating Youtube Kids is very scary. Parents have started to notice that their children have are being exposed to inappropriate content on YouTube Kids, and what’s even scarier is that it’s disguised to look like the videos your kids watch on a regular basis.

Youtube via Medium

Youtuber’s are creating both animated and real life videos that are designed to trick the Youtube algorithm into thinking it is kid appropriate. These videos will auto play one after another on Youtube Kids, therefore your children will be exposed to the inappropriate video without knowing.  One moment they are watching a happy, normal episode of Peppa The Pig and the next they are watching Mickey Mouse piss on Minnie. It’s that disturbing.

Inappropriate Videos Youtube Kids

These horribly inappropriate videos use copyrighted characters that children know and love and put them in compromising situation. There is sexual content, killing, blood and so many more horrific situations. These videos have millions upon millions of views, all on Youtube Kids.

Check out the video below as one famous Youtuber explains and gives examples of the thousands upon thousands of disgusting videos on Youtube Kids.

Always monitor your children’s online activities.