Incredible Invention Allows You To Drink Wine Without Ever Uncorking The Bottle!

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Greg Lambrecht, founder of Coravin, Inc. created a way to drink #wine without ever corking the bottle.

When Greg’s wife became pregnant she had stopped drinking wine. Greg still enjoyed his wine and he hated the fact that wine would go bad so soon once the cork was popped. Great found himself purchasing inexpensive, lower quality bottles of wine, so after a glass or two he could just dump the bottle out.

With Greg’s frustrations came an idea. The idea was simple. What if you could drink wine without ever removing the cork and allowing oxygen to enter the bottle? Greg took this idea and made it in to a reality. He created a device that would allow him to drink better quality wines and preserve the quality of the wine for a longer period of time.

If you are a wine drinking, this invention is a must have!

You simply clamp the device over the top of the bottle, push a lever down which pushes a syringe in to the bottle through the cork and then pour! Oxygen never hit the bottle and the bottle is sealed back up after the device is extracted! Total Awesomeness!

The price is rather high for this device, but sometimes you can’t put a price on awesomeness!

Source : Youtube