Incredibly Smart Crow Solves An 8-Part Complex Puzzle In Just Moments

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You will never look at a crow the same way. The results of this experiment absolutely blew our minds. This crow has incredible logic and a mind like nothing we have ever seen before in a bird.

Dr. Alex Taylor captures wild birds and houses them for 3 months at a time for research purposes. In this particular instance, Dr. Taylor has presented a crow with a puzzle that requires the crow to use logic and order. There are 8 parts to the puzzle, all needing to be completed in a specific order. If completed correctly, the crow will be able to reach a piece of food that is unreachable at the beginning of the puzzle. Each part of the puzzle takes the crow one step closer to the food.

Check out the video, it is incredibly amazing and like we said earlier, you will never look at a crow the same again.