Guy On Disability Sees High Appraisal Of Item On Antiques Road Show, Realizes He Has The Same Item.

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This is one of the coolest stories we have ever come across.

L.T. was injured in a car accident and lost part of his leg. The accident cost L.T. to lose his job and forced him to collect a disability check in place of his normal earnings. Living on an $800 a month disability check proved to be very hard for L.T..

One evening, L.T. was watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow when one of the show’s highest valued items was appraised. An early, first phase stitched Indian blanket. The appraiser on the show stated that the blanked was valued anywhere from $350k to a half million dollars. As L.T. watched the show, he realized he had a very similar blanket that had been passed down from generation to generation within his family.

L.T. dug out the blanket and had hopes that his may be worth a little money too. Thinking he could possibly fetch $10k to $15k for his blanket, was an exciting though and it would be a true saving grace to his dreadful financial situation.

L.T. contacted local antique appraisers and was eventually led to an auction house that specializes in high end antiques. When the blanket was revealed to the auction appraisers, they were completely mind blown.

After a few scientific tests were ran on the material to ensure its authenticity, the blanket was deemed to be a real, first phase Indian stitching. The appraiser informed L.T. that the blanket could easily fetch $150k to $200k.

When auction time came around, the bidding started at $150k. L.T. was in complete shock as he sat there listening to the bids as they began to pour in.

The bids climbed and climbed and then crested the 1 million dollar mark and after a brief pause in bidding, began climbing even more.

Needless to say, L.T. and his wife were quite ecstatic!

The final price? Check it out below!