Injured Dolphin Dies After Crowd Passes It Around For Selfies

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What is wrong with people in the world?

A tragedy. A baby dolphin found in the shallow end of the shoreline just ouside of the resort of Santa Teresita, near Buenos Aires, was mobbed by people and, reportedly, died after being passed around for photos.

Cellphone video shows the small animal being picked up out of the water, placed on the sand and petted as dozens and dozens of people surround it.

Warning : video is rather sickening to watch


According to Mashable, photos posted to Facebook show a man holding the young dolphin being swarmed by beachgoers who petted and took photos with the dolphin.

Other photos, assumed to have been taken later, show the dolphin lying dead on the sand.

Reports differ on whether the dolphin was dead or alive when it was found by beachgoers. “One man tried to revive the dolphin, but its wounds were serious,” Ayelén Rodriguez, wrote on Facebook, the Argentinian newspaper Clarin reported.



So sad and unnecessary.


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