49 Inspiring Vintage Photos of Extraordinary Women

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With today’s technology, we have so many visual styles and tools in photography to explore and use. Today’s pictures on social media are full of vibrant, electric colors or warm, pastel hues to help us draw attention and get our message across. We have a number of photo-editing apps and special filters to enhance our photos and get the look we’re hoping to achieve. With augmented reality, we don’t have to do our makeup or get dressed to look great for the camera. We can even add a pair of aviator shades or a crown, turn our hair blue, or insert fun effects like glitter or butterflies without having to get out of bed. A smartphone app does everything. We even have apps for that throwback vintage look.
But several decades ago, women got out of bed, did the heavy lifting (some literally), and had amazing photos. Let’s step back in time and explore vintage photos of women who represent beauty and strength, elegance and glamour, pride and purpose—and authenticity. Without the luxury of apps and filters to edit a hundred photos, these classy women managed to take pictures that told remarkable stories, allowing us glimpses into the past.
Here’s a collection of celebrities and mothers, corporate leaders and workers, race car drivers and university students—each of them an extraordinary woman whose timeless beauty was caught on camera.