Instead Of Arresting Two Women Suspected Of Stealing Food, Officer Buys Them Christmas Dinner And More!

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There is an age old question, “would you steal a loaf of bread to feed your hungry family?” Many would answer that question yes, and sadly, this is something that happens quite often. But this story is a little different and it has a little ‘feel good’ twist to it!

Massachusetts Officer Matt Lima responded to a call at a grocery store, where two women apparently went through the self-checkout isle and were bagging items they didn’t pay for.

They had two young kids with them, and when Officer Lima spoke with them, he realized that they had fallen on hard times and were trying to provide a Christmas dinner for the children. Instead of arresting the women, Lima, who clearly has a heart of gold, used his own money to buy $250 in grocery gift cards for the women.

Lima, experiencing a food shortage in his own home as a child — felt for the women and understood the struggle of trying to support children when hard times hit.

There may have been an exact dollar amount on what Lima did, but his actions are truly priceless.

If you have the power to help someone in need — you should do it! Not only does it feel good, you truly never know the affect that a small gesture may do for someone. Plus, it’s just a kind thing to do!