Introducing The ‘Go Girl’ Allowing Females To Urinate Upright Anywhere And Everywhere!

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go girl3

No I have seen it all!

There is a new product on the market, called Go Girl. Go Girl is a portable device for woman that allows them to urinate standing up, anywhere and everywhere.

Now typically we would not even publish such an article, but this is just too incredible of a modern day breakthrough not to share with others. (and who are we kidding…of course we would publish something awesome like this!)

This is a very real product and you can purchase them right on here!

Here are a few pics of the device and how it works! We have also included some wonderful videos for your viewing pleasure also!

go girl

go girl1

go girl2

go girl5

Now tell me she doesn’t look super stoked!

go girl4

Again…she is super duper happy!


Source : Youtube