VIDEO | iPad Survives 100,000+ Foot Fall From Space

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Now this is how you market a product…and this is one hardcore iPad case 🙂

G-Form, a company well known for delivering the most extreme electronics cases and athletic pads, launched an iPad clad solely in the company’s 6oz Perimeter case into space and then let it free-fall back to Earth.

The company released an awesome hi-def video where the nearly naked iPad is shown hanging above the Earth in the blackness of space.

In the video, the iPad is lifted to over 100,000 feet by a weather balloon which bursts at altitude, then releasing the iPad to free-fall to Earth where it crash lands on a rocky hillside in the Nevada countryside.

Perhaps even more remarkable than the dramatic hi-def footage itself is the fact that the iPad survives the adventure, remaining fully functional.

Check it out below!


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