Woman Pays $100 For An iPhone, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead

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iPhone potato scam

One Wisconsin fell in love with a Black Friday sales deal where she could purchase an iPhone 6, for just $100! The deal was from a stranger (of course), who was advertising on his car…that he had good deals on phones.

She met the man, talked with him, played with the phone and after asking the man to call the phone to ensure it worked, she was sold on the $100 deal. Unfortunately, when she wasn’t looking, the man performed a switch-a-roo before handing over the phone.

Here is what the woman had to say about the encounter:

“I decided to go get some gas before church and saw a truck that was selling items on it, with a sign that said Black Friday sale, so I pulled over. They had everything on the truck that I can name ,such as hair, watches, shoes, clothes, laptops , cell phones, socks, DVD’s and CD’s. I asked the guy about the iPhone 6 that he was selling and he said if I buy it today, he’ll give it to me for $100. I had the phone in my hand and I asked him to call it, the phone rang. Then, after I paid him he turned around as if he was putting the phone in the box, I didn’t know until I got home, to open my new phone box to cut up potatoes. I never went back out looking for him because I blamed myself for not rechecking the box and it was funny to me.”