Irving Fields: 100-Year-Old Working Musician Shows Us How To Stay Young

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AWESOMEIrving Fields is the big 100! Take a look at him and you might think he is in his seventies however. For decades upon decades Fields has been entertaining people and sharing his gift of songwriting and piano playing with the world.

Today you can find Fields at numerous New York City restaurants where he plays piano and entertains patrons five days a week. Fields has literally seen it all at “100 years young” as he calls his age. Fields has seen a lifetime of changes, especially in the music world. He went from records, to 8-tracks, tapes and then to CD’s and now…the computer age and Fields has stayed on his game with each and every change!

During the 50’s, Fields released an album called ‘Bagels and Bongos’, that album sold over 2 million copies. Fields can write a song in a moments notice and deliver a smile and laugh with each and every word he sings.

Fields has a deep passion for the piano and calls it his best friend. You can see his passion, desire and love with every ivory he tickles.

Check out this wonderful interview of Fields. Below the interview, Fields shares his tips for longevity in another wonderful video.



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