Is The Hit Netflix Series ‘Stranger Things’ Real? Well, Kind Of

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There is no denying that the Netflix hit Stranger Things, is just that, a hit! Millions upon millions of viewers have binged watched the three seasons that the show offers and not many of those millions regrets it either. 

The question ‘Is Stranger Things Real’, has been googled millions of times since the shows first airing. Whether you are a fan or not, the show is actually based on some strange truths/legends.

A Little History Lesson

Steve and Dustin – Stranger Things

In an Autocomplete Interview with Wired, Stranger Things stars Gaten Matarazzo (AKA Dustin) and Joe Kerry (AKA Steve) give some insight on the mysterious inspiration for their show. Digging a little deeper, you find out more about a place called Camp Hero.

Hawkins, Indiana is “based on a place in Montauk, New York called Camp Hero.” Camp Hero is a decommissioned Air Force base, now a state park with certain buildings closed to the public.

Camp Hero Montauk


There were “rumors of secret government spies doing human experiments to fight in the Cold War,” said Matarazzo. This is where they got the idea for the lab that had 011, AKA Eleven or Jane Hopper. Just because Jane isn’t actually out fighting Demogorgons doesn’t mean that there isn’t a truth to the story. In fact…

The Original Title For The Show

Stranger Things was originally going to be called ‘Montauk’ when the Netflix project started. Why? Co-creator Ross Duffer told The A.V. Club in an interview that, “We were excited about the idea of doing something coastal. Probably our favorite movie of all time is ‘Jaws’, and Montauk is one of the bases for ‘Amity’, so I think that’s where that idea came from.”

A book called ‘The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time’ by Peter Moon and Preston Nichols help fuel conspiracy theories about the former air base. There was also a movie released about the base, Montauk Chronicles, that interviews real people who claim they had spent time in the camp. Conspiracy theories, if that’s all they really are, include ind control, time travel and contact with alien life.

The cast of Stranger Things has acknowledge that is a basis for the show, which makes sense as it deals with time travel and such – hense – the Upside Down.

So there you have it…as far out and awesome as Stranger Things is, it just may have a mysterious truth to it! Which only makes it that much more fun to watch! Hurry up season 4!