Is This The Slowest Car Chase Ever? Man Takes Police On Two Hour Chase With Surprise Ending!

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A Texas man recently led law enforcement on what could very well be the slowest car chase ever. The suspected drug dealer crawled down the interstate in his small, white four door car, waving at people as he crept on by. Officers stated ‘it was like he was having his own parade’.

After two hours of driving with what looked like police escorts, the driver made his big move. He hit the gas and took off, leaving the interstate and driving the wrong direction on an access road to get back on the interstate. The police had enough and called in an armored SWAT vehicle to perform a pit maneuver on the car. The move was successful and the car crashed into the concrete median. Police swarmed the vehicle and found a large amount of Methamphetamine inside the vehicle…surprise, surprise!

Source : Youtube