Is Your Instagram Engagement Going Down – Here’s How to Fix it?

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When it comes to Instagram, visuals and user engagement are the two main factors that can help you increase the profile visibility and increase the number of followers. It is needless to say that every business works on creating highly visual yet engaging content. However, there are times when the engagement seems to drop even after doing everything right. Most of the time, this is because of the change or variation in the Instagram algorithm. Buy Instagram followers, No matter what the issue, we can help you cater to your engagement drop issues through the set of tips that we have mentioned in the article below. Have a look!

What Is The Problem?

No matter how big of a social media or Instagram godfather you are, knowing the root cause of engagement drop is essential. This is because you won’t be able to make the right decision based on the wrong root cause or problem. For instance, if the engagement is dropping because of poor content, adding the hashtags will not be helpful in any case. According to our research, there can be multiple causes of engagement dropping and we have got them all for you!

  • Shadowban – This is the terminology used for the spam hashtags that are used and don’t provide value. In other words, if there is a shadowbanned hashtag in your content caption, it will affect the engagement. So, make sure that you are choosing lethal hashtags.
  • Suspension – If the account or profile is suspended, no follower will be able to engage with your content and you won’t be allowed to post new content. If the account is suspended, there are high chances that you will be notified of the reason by Instagram.
  • Quality – There are multiple businesses that start with full enthusiasm and that can be seen in their content, captions as well as the pictures. However, if the profile starts to upload bad content without editing it properly, it causes a dramatic drop in engagement.
  • Frequency – We understand that you want to fill up the profile with content but if you post too often, the posts will not have ample time to be engaged with the follower base as the new one will be in the feed. In other words, give the post and followers the time to engage with one picture and post the other one after some time.
  • Followers – We understand that you want to increase the number of followers and audience base at a fast rate. However, you must never take shortcuts such as bots to gain a higher number of followers. Through bots, the number of followers might increase but the engagement will keep on decreasing.

Start Encouraging Engagement

In multiple cases, the influencers and bloggers make a story about the new post and they ask the followers to go like, comment, and engage in the post. Well, as a business, you can do it as well. However, this tip is looked upon as pushy and you don’t want that when you are looking for increased engagement and good relationship with the followers. So, choose the following methods;

  • Hold the contests
  • Ask them to make a post with your hashtags and the best one will win a prize
  • When you are writing the caption, add the call-to-action statement of questions at the end that encourages the followers to comment
  • Always reply to the comments and direct messages
  • Delete the spam comments


We all have tried to drift our car which is all about changing the speed and direction of the car over the turn but the passengers hardly adjust with the movement. Well, the drift on Instagram is a similar case. Drift on Instagram means that you have changed the content over the years but the follower base isn’t aligning or according them with the content. It is better to create content that keeps the follower base engaged and what they like to see. However, if you want to change the type of content, you will need to gain a follower base with similar interests if you want to ensure engagement.


It’s needless to say that everyone uses the hashtags in their posts but if the right hashtags aren’t used, they can reduce the engagement rate as well. Moreover, make sure you don’t go overboard with the hashtags. The allowed hashtag count is 30 but it is better to stay with five to ten hashtags because they tend to optimize the engagement and retain it in the long run!