It Has Come To This | Bulletproof Blankets For Children To Use During School Shootings

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This is what our world has come to. Providing bullet proof blankets for children at schools due to the mass amounts of school shootings that take place.

The Bodyguard Blanket, made by a company called ProTecht, is a “bulletproof 5/16-inch pad made from the same materials used by our military.” Sound like something that should be used for soldiers right?



Except that’s not who it was created for at all. Its being marketed to American “children of all ages,” or rather, their concerned — and not entirely crazy — parents.

As a parent myself and one that has been forced to accept the fact that a mass school shooting can happen at any time and any place, this bulletproof blanket for children doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Most of us came from a time period where our classrooms were stalked with pencils, crayons and art supplies. Soon, hidden in the corner of most classrooms will be a pile of bullet proof blankets for our young children to use in case of an emergency.



There was a time when fire drills were the only emergency plan that children needed to know about. Now, children are learning what do if gunmen enter the school with an intent to kill them.

American the free, home of the brave. It sure doesn’t seem that way any longer. America is the only Country in the world where school shootings happen at such a frequent rate. Americans killing innocent Americans time and time again, for no reason at all.

Sure we have a whole new level of terrorism now, but the school shootings that have happened in our country have not stemmed from terrorism, they have stemmed from our own fellow citizens.


I am not sure  we will ever fix this issue, but we can most certainly do everything in our power to protect our children when they are away from our care.

What do you think about this ‘bulletproof blanket’?

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